IT Services for all Discovery Building Occupants

Version Control

SVN and GIT Repositories are also available on and To use an existing repository via svn+ssh, use your WID username/password to access:

svn+ssh://<new repo name>

If you have a collaborator who needs access via svn (not svn+ssh), the path is:

svn://<new repo name>

SVN repository configuration is modifiable on a case-by-case basis. To create your own repository:

ssh <user>
mkdir /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>
svnadmin create /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>

SVN Configuration: By default, svnadmin allows anonymous read access to repositories. Remember to edit the conf/svnserve.conf and set ‘anon-access = none‘ if you want to turn this off. To set up a non-WID user to be able to access the repository, uncomment the line ‘password-db = passwd‘ in the svnserve.conf and add the (clear text) username and password to the passwd file. To allow other people svn+ssh access to the repository, you need to modify the unix permissions. Everyone in the optimization group is in the group ‘optimization‘.

chmod 0770 /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>
chmod -R g=u /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>
find /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>/ -type d -exec chmod g+s {} \;

To create a shared GIT repository, run:

git init --bare --shared <new repo name>.git
chgrp -R optimization <new repo name>.git

To clone an existing GIT repository, run:

git clone ssh://<user><repo name>.git <new repo location>

Additional GIT documentation can be found at: