WID/DiscoverIT Services

The following information on IT services provided to all Discovery Building Occupants can be found at Discovery KnowledgeBase:

Printing (includes information on the poster printers)
Changing your Passwords
Shared Drive Access

Version Control

SVN and GIT Repositories are also available on svn1.discovery.wisc.edu and git1.discovery.wisc.edu. To use an existing repository via svn+ssh, use your WID username/password to access:

svn+ssh://svn1.discovery.wisc.edu/data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>

If you have a collaborator who needs access via svn (not svn+ssh), the path is:

svn://svn1.discovery.wisc.edu/optimization/<new repo name>

SVN repository configuration is modifiable on a case-by-case basis. To create your own repository:

ssh <user>@svn1.discovery.wisc.edu
mkdir /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>
svnadmin create /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>

SVN Configuration: By default, svnadmin allows anonymous read access to repositories. Remember to edit the conf/svnserve.conf and set ‘anon-access = none’ if you want to turn this off. To set up a non-WID user to be able to access the repository, uncomment the line ‘password-db = passwd’ in the svnserve.conf and add the (clear text) username and password to the passwd file. To allow other people svn+ssh access to the repository, you need to modify the unix permissions. Everyone in the optimization group is in the group ‘optimization’.

chmod 0770 /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>
chmod -R g=u /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>
find /data/svndata/optimization/<new repo name>/ -type d -exec chmod g+s {} \;

To create a shared GIT repository, run:

git init --bare --shared <new repo name>.git
chgrp -R optimization <new repo name>.git

To clone an existing GIT repository, run:

git clone ssh://<user>@git1.discovery.wisc.edu/data/git/optimization/<repo name>.git <new repo location>

Additional GIT documentation can be found at: https://git-scm.com/doc