The optimization group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a great place to do graduate studies in optimization. Our faculty have diverse interests and appointments in numerous departments on campus. The group’s position in the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery in the Discovery Building provides a nucleus for research activities with collaborators around campus. Many of our graduate students from various departments work, study and meet with their research themes in the optimization space of the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery.

Over the years, the optimization group at UW-Madison has been distinguished by its contributions to the mathematical theory of optimization, its collaborations with the faculty at UW-Madison – and beyond – on interdisciplinary research projects, and its contributions to the modeling and computational aspects of optimization. The Wisconsin Institute of Discovery in Madison provides a special environment that encourages interdisciplinary research, which in turn motivates new core research in optimization.

Your Graduate Career in Optimization@UW

Graduate studies in optimization at UW-Madison offer:


Contact professors for Research Assistantship availability. Departments offer some Teaching Assistantships and grading support (differs according to department and budget). Availability depends on current research funding, positions typically include tuition remission and stipend. Limited opportunities for Tutorial Assistantships are also available in some departments.