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VIDI is an integrated software/hardware system for non-intrusive dynamic transformation of 3-dimensional motion information into streams of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) data, according to user-defined criteria.

Domino Art

This Domino Artwork case study describes the optimization model that underlies the NEOS Domino solver, which constructs pictures from target images using complete sets of double-nine dominoes. Complete sets of double-nine dominoes include one domino for each distinct pair of dot values from 0 to 9. The NEOS Domino solver is an implementation of the […]


The  VIDI project at UW-Madison was first conceived around 1983 by Stephen Dembski, Professor of Music and Composer, shortly after the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) protocol standard was released.  In 1995, UW-Madison a Computer Science graduate student under Professor Dembski’s supervision made the first attempt to implement VIDI. The graduate student used a 3-D computer-vision system that was implemented on […]


In 2012, Nathanial Bartlett, UW-Madison Post-doctoral student and composer under the supervision of Professor Stephen Dembski and Michael Ferris, Professor of Computer Sciences developed the first functional VIDI system. The working concept of the VIDI system suggested a two-stage structure: the acquisition stage focusing on the capture of specific measures of movement and behavior, and their […]